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                                                                            I am able to over extend my Jaw
                                                                            giving me a deep talent
                                                                            with most men of girth and length!
                                                                            Been told I am very gifted

I like your post.  I especially appreciate that you seem interested in why people are sexually engaged.  I’m into nearly every sexual proclivity so I find intrigue and lust in most kinds of play.

I was always adventuresome, right from the beginning. I was creative, stimulated, and curious about boys girls anyone who caught my eye. Now that I’ve got experience under my belt I realize just how liberated I’ve been for a long time. Moreso than others who may not let themselves be free to indulge in every passion they can access.

More recently, I’ve been completely immersed in my need and desire for fetish play, and how it gets into my head. I love wearing gear, fantasy clothes, garments and fetish material that puts me and my sex partners in a deep head space. It’s not that I don’t love being completely naked because I like that too. But when you are on your knees, bound in restraints, and tethered with a collar, then it is even more suggestive that you have come as close to becoming someone’s property as you can get. And that gets me off just as much as it gets them off. Sometimes it’s a different mood: althletic and sporty, decked out like you’re ready to peel off your sweaty jock and get to business on the locker room floor. There’s also the guys who wanna see you tantalize them in your softest, girliest attire. Frame your ass in panties, tighten up a corset, and  stare them in the eyes while they leave their outside world behind and ignore the lines being blurred.

All of these things are parts of my personality: the pup on his knees waiting for an approving pat on the head and a tasty bone from his handler, scared he’ll become a stray if he doesn’t follow every command and know his place. I’m the servant in bondage torn by his want for freedom yet obsessed with his captor, excited by both. I’m also the switch hitter, an arrogant junior varsity that loves to get with the coach when no one is looking. And I’m a bit of that princess: a piece on the side for that hyper masculine suit and tie man who desperately needs escape from his life. He loves me because I’m smaller than his wife and he can handle me like a ragdoll. He hates me because I’m still a boy and it confuses him. And I realize that both of these realities make me vulnerable to him but ultimately give me power to pull at his strings.

All of these things connect me to people, they are both mentally and physically intense and that’s how I relate to my partners. Even the most anonymous, delicious encounter carries some form of fantasy for both. I haven’t tried to capture these moods with a camera but I would like to. You can imagine I’m open minded and diverse in my tastes. I’m also really laid back and nice. If you’d like to talk more please feel free to shoot me a msg. Sorry for the long post, I just figured it’s more interesting to tell about myself rather than to say “hey”. Hope to talk to ya :)

                                                                              Are you going to be naked as well?

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